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Virtually Kingston

Some things are just not meant to go together. Orange juice and toothpaste, running and scissors, cold water and me, and kindergarten and virtual school.

From the moment we learned that school would be virtual last fall I started preparing for it. That’s a joke. If you mommed your way through last school year you know that there was no preparing for the, umm, adventure, that last school year was. I did try to prepare though, mostly for kindergarten- because 5 year old boy energy and learning on a computer had to somehow go together. I had little man doing all the squats while adding block piles and hunting through the house to find all the things that started with any given letter. Maybe I thought if he was far enough ahead it wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t sit through the virtual instruction time. Then the school year started.

You guys, I have never laughed so much, ever. These poor teachers. And kids. And parents. But, oh my word, the entertainment.

Heard from the teacher:

I hope you had a great weekend, let’s make this an amazing Monday.

I love your focus today.

Sofia please put the scissors away.

Brayden the paper should still be blank.

Yes, I know you can read the whole dictionary but please stop unmuting to read to us.

You guys are really working nicely.

Sofia the scissors sweetie.

Tyler I don’t think you should be climbing on that.

If anyone else unmutes I am going to be calling parents.

Great job guys. Mostly.

Sofia the scissors have to be away now.

Tyler the glue is not for eating, ask your mom for a snack.

Austin, are you awake?

We can do better, I know we can. Right?

Sofia the scissors.

Please stop announcing what you are going to the bathroom to do. You should be muted.


Sure, you can do your work under the desk.

Oscar you are in the wrong class. How did you get here?

Sofia, seriously, keep the scissors away from your hair.

Are we giving our best effort?

Tyler, did you eat the WHOLE GLUE STICK??

No, apples do not fart.

Tyler, are you going ok? Are you going to be sick?

SOFIA. THE. SCISSORS! I am texting your mom right now.

Thank you for sort of being here today, guys.

Have a fabulous rest of the day, byyyyyeee!

Confession: we were the under the desk crew. Money man worked upside down and under the desk and on a pillow and outside and sometimes not at all. We were amazing and horrible students all at the same time.

I am not making light of the more concerning issues that bubbled up over the course of virtual school. It is not easy to balance life normally and throw in virtual school and plates became too full and we saw a lot of fall out from that. Fall out that is still lingering.

Parenting is not always easy. Balancing life and the things it throws at us can be overwhelming. Last year we really learned to be resilient and to make the most of the situations we find ourselves in. I am not sure what all life is going to throw at us next but I know that we will give it our best, find the humor, and see the good. Maybe even change our seats.

From under the desk,


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