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Just a Mom.

Just a mom. The words rolled off my tongue so quickly. Someone asked what I do for a living and I answered I am just a mom. Just. A. Mom. It sat with me for a little bit. I said it dismissively but I didn’t mean it that way.

There are days that it all seems like a draining and trivial use of my time- the finding all the pieces of the sports uniforms (I will never understand how they get spread out so far), the negotiating for showers, the homework helping, the school prepping, the mopping the floors for 87th time because the cleats made it into the house, all of the things.

Then I remember that it is all bigger than me. It is bigger than my kids right now. I remember that the most important thing I do in life happens in the four walls of my home. I am not just a mom. You are not just a mom. Or a dad. We are warriors fighting for the next generation. We are home base for the future leaders of this country. We are raising influencers and reformers and healers and helpers. It starts with us. It starts at home.

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