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Be The Good

It takes a village, right? Yep. A village, a team, a crew. 

Volunteers make the best teams, they just do. Volunteers drive kids involved in the child welfare system to their family visits. 

Good To Know:

  • Volunteers provide us a schedule of availability

  • Volunteers are matched with a case that has visits within the volunteer's availability. 

  • Volunteers pick up the kid(s) from their daycare or foster family and take them to the family visit at Childnet in West Palm Beach. When he visit concludes the volunteer returns the child(ren) to their daycare or foster family. 


  • Visit length can vary. They go anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours. 

  • Volunteers should plan on staying close by in case a visit is ended early. 

  • Volunteers can let us know preferred areas of pick up and drop off so that we are able to accommodate 

Ready to make a difference? Let's connect at:

I cannot wait to know you. 

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