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The child welfare system is messy and nuanced and colorful. It just is. Family visits are an integral part of this system. The visits are critical to maintaining a bond between the biological parents and the children. Kids are often triggered by these visits as they remind them of the reality of their current situation, raise new questions about what is happening to them and their family, and sometimes bring up traumatic memories. So while the visits are important they can be difficult.

As an organization, Foster Change is seeking to make the transition to and from these visits a little bit easier for all people involved.


By drawing on consistent volunteers who have had special trauma informed training, we aim to create a safe place for kids to process the complicated feelings that come with family visits.


Volunteers drive the kids to and from the family visits.


Driving the kids helps improve the kids' experience. On every drive, volunteers invest in each child as they process difficult emotions so they feel seen, valued, heard and validated. Additionally, we will remove some of the burden placed on overworked caseworkers and relieve pressure on caregivers to do more than their busy schedules allow.

There is a wealth of good that comes from a caring volunteer stepping in to help kids in the transitions. Driving the kids is more than just a ride, it is: 


  • Bridging the gap that can exist between foster parents, biological parents and case workers 

  • Removing possible tension for the kids of foster and biological parents interacting

  • Providing communication about what happened during the visit as the caring volunteer is able to relay information the foster parent might not otherwise get. 

  • Being a consistent and stable person for the kids. Even just the car rides can be more consistency than the kids typically experience.  

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