Every family. Every time.

For families in every stage of the process, from hello to good-bye, we want to walk alongside you. 

Foster care is messy. It is the in between and the unknown. Foster care is overwhelming and often makes no logical sense to anyone. There are case workers and support workers and court dates and appointments and paperwork. So much paperwork. Parenting and loving these sweet souls is an awesome responsibility and frequently a thankless one. 

To all the foster parent warriors out there, we see you in the trenches, we see the work you are doing and it is so valuable. 

While loving these kids can sometimes be a physical forever, other times it is a temporary stay with a forever impression. When the kids are transitioned out of a foster family there is a process that a family goes through to heal. Some families take another placement immediately and others need a little more time to figure out what comes next. There is no right or wrong way to grieve the loss of a child. No two families will have the same process either.

Unfortunately, a lot of foster homes are closed when a child is transitioned out of their care because they are not supported through their grief. It is the families that grieve the loss of the child moved from their care that are doing it right. These families are allowing themselves to be bonded and attached to the kids so that the kids can feel safe, valued, and loved. These are the safe spaces that kids going through some of the most turbulent times in their lives need and deserve. Retaining these quality homes is absolutely critical to kids in need. 

Through the help of professionals and other community partners, we want to help families through the grief. 

Family Walking On the Beach